Manufacturer of Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear


power system protection and switchgear

DC Surge Protection Device
Explosion-Proof Over-Voltage Protector
Lightning Arrester Overhead Line Overvoltage Cable Protector
Lightning Arrester Overhead Line Overvoltage Cable Protector
Surge Protector Device
High and Low Voltage Reactive Power Compensation Device
APF Active Power Filter
SVG Static Var Generator
arc quenching suppression and elimination overvoltage switchgear​

About Kaich-Power

Kaich switchgear manufacturing company specializes in the production of low and medium voltage switchgear,supplying CT secondary overvoltage protector, surge protector, electric meter, dehumidifier device for switchgear, APF,SVG, micro harmonic elimination device, lightning arrester, switch gear intelligent control device……

Our Service

Full Monitoring of Production and Switchgear Operation Status Can be See

Service Process Visualization

Online monitoring of switchgear operation status, timely detection of problems, easy maintenance and problem solving

Production Process Visualization

The production of switch gear process can be seen through the software, the production process can be tracked, and the data indicators can be displayed.

Switchgear life cycle service

From switchgear production to installation, commissioning, commissioning, and troubleshooting

6 Reasons Why To Choose Us

Quality Material

Strictly control the quality of raw materials


Kaich-Power has Passed by ISO9000, ISO14001、GB/T28001

Trained Workers

Controllable production process and regular deliveries

Time Availability

Controllable production process and regular deliveries

Quick Response

we will reply in 24 hours,if you have any quesiton

1 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty and free test switchgear and product

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