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Neutral Earthing Grounding Resistors

Neutral Earthing Grounding Resistors

The neutral point may be grounded by ungrounded, arc suppression coil grounded, large resistance grounded, medium resistance grounded, small resistance grounded and other grounding methods.
The neutral point is not grounded and the arc suppression coil grounding system has the advantages of high power supply reliability and good safety. 

The neutral point grounding resistance cabinet produced by Kaich is a kind of power grid that can not only limit various overvoltages of the power grid, but also ensure the power grid. Power supply reliability and personal, equipment safety, and easy installation and operation.


Widely used in power plant power system, substation power supply system, industrial and mining enterprise power distribution system, low-voltage diesel generator set 220V, thermal power plant 380V, coal enterprise 660V power system or power user 1000V in the low-voltage system of 0.4-35KV AC On the transformer or generator neutral point of the grid


Low Voltage Neutral Grounding Resistors

ModelRated Voltage (KV)Rate Resistor(Ω)

High Voltage Neutral Grounding Resistors

ModelRate Voltage(KV)Rate Current(A)energy capacity(KJ)circulation time(S)


1. It is composed of special high-power zinc oxide nonlinear resistors in series and parallel, which has the advantages of small size, stable performance and strong flow capacity
2. Equipped with a microcomputer control system, which provides convenience for the gradual reduction of the grounding resistance required by the expansion of the power grid in the later stage
3. It can be operated in parallel with resistance or reactance, which provides convenience for the gradual reduction of grounding resistance required for later grid expansion.
4. When the transformer winding is connected in delta and the Z-type winding grounding transformer needs to be installed independently, this device is used together with it.
5. It can reduce the overvoltage of the non-faulty phase and various operating voltages when single-phase grounding, suppress arc grounding overvoltage, eliminate resonance overvoltage and disconnection overvoltage
6. It can maintain operation when single-phase ground fault occurs, and the operation mode is flexible, which can meet different operation requirements
7. The overvoltage level is low, and the single-phase ground fault develops into the probability pole of phase-to-phase short circuit, which improves the operating conditions of electrical equipment and ensures the safety of electrical equipment with low insulation level in the power grid.
8. The application range of the capacitance current change is relatively large, simple, reliable and economical
9. Use high-quality non-metal special materials or stainless steel alloy grid resistors, with good electrical conductivity. Resistance can withstand high temperature of 1400 ℃, corrosion resistance, high protection level
10. The product can add a grounding recording device to record the number of times the grounding resistance is grounded

Use condition

1.The altitude ≤2000 meters. Due to the high altitude in the plateau area, the heat dissipation is poor.order need to note

2.Enviromental:-20℃+70℃,Relative humidity not more than 85%

3.There is no flammable and explosive, no corrosive gas and conductive dust in the surrounding environment

4.Since the resistor is a heating element, the temperature rises during use. There should be a gap around the place where the resistor is installed to prevent the influence of external heat sources. Please pay attention to the installation.

5.Used in 50Hz and 60Hz systems

6.Under normal conditions, the neutral point displacement of the resistor installation point shall not exceed 15% of the operating voltage

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