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Harmonic Potector

Harmonic protector, also known as: harmonic absorber. It is used to absorb the harmonics of 2-50Hz. By connecting to this device, the true colors of the real harmonics can be restored, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning the power grid.



Rated voltage0.25Kv、0.4Kv、0.69Kv
Maximum pulse current150A
Maximum working voltage (phase voltage)250V
Maximum peak voltage (phase voltage)700V
Clamping voltage values For 3000V pulse voltage,  limited to below 410V.
Altitude≤2000m (Above 2000m is plateau type)
Protection LevelIP44
SizeThree Phase:132mm×120mm×70m
Single Phase:103mm×90mm×65mm
Installtion sizeThree Phase:(L*W:90mm×130mm)
Single Phase:(l*W:70mm×92mm)
Anti-surge currentFor a pulse voltage of 300V, the pulse current does not exceed 1000A
Wiring TypeStar type (Y type)
Insulation Resistance≥2MΩ
Withstand voltage/contact capacityConductive part and shell withstand 2500VAC for 1 second, no breakdown and flashover/150A
Filtering performanceProtection frequency1kHz-30MHz
leakage current1.2mA
External environmenttemperature range40℃-80℃
storage temperature50℃-60℃
relative temperature< 90%
Atmospheric pressure52-110Kpa
working environmentNo explosion, no corrosive gas, conductive dust, no shock, no shock power supply, the altitude is less than 2000m
Electromagnetic Compatibility TestingShock wave immunityIEC 60225-22-4
Electrostatic discharge immunity
Radiated electrical radiation immunity
Electrical fast transient burst immunity
Power supplyPower consumption<1.0 W
fever<40 ℃
External interfaceTerminal/HousingGold-plated terminals, high temperature resistance 100℃/aluminum alloy
Shell materialAluminum alloy
Maintenance methodMaintenance free
service life15+ years
WiringTerminal connection


1. KCHPD-1000 adopts ultra-fine crystal alloy material device;
2. KCHPD-1000 can suppress and absorb high-order harmonics, high-frequency sound, pulse peaks, surges, etc.;
3. KCHPD-1000 can protect electrical equipment, absorb harmonics without polluting the power grid, and avoid malfunction of electrical equipment and machine malfunction;
4. KCHPD-1000 improves power quality, improves the utilization rate of electrical equipment, and reduces unnecessary electricity expenses;
5. KCHPD-1000 itself does not consume power and has high economic benefits;
6. KCHPD-1000 has reasonable structural design and simple wiring. There are two types of three-phase and single-phase models, which are easy to install.


1. Airport: main control room, computer room, EIB lighting dimming system, etc.;
2. Hospitals: ICU (intensive intensive care unit), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), operating room, medical imaging room, radiotherapy department, B-ultrasound, CT, etc.;
3. Theater and gymnasium: solve the damage of EIB dimming equipment and other control equipment caused by harmonic illumination.
4. School: precision laboratory, computer room, network center;
5. Research Institute: precision laboratory, computer room, and other high-precision equipment concentration areas;
6. Large shopping malls: solve the harmonic problem caused by the large-scale application of energy-saving lamps.
7. Bank: computer center, sales department computer, security system;
8. Taxation / Industry and Commerce: large computer centers, etc.;
9. Telecom room: various network communication equipment, such as network switches, computer rooms, automated office equipment, mobile base stations;
10. Factory: PLC, computer control equipment, high-precision lathe, PCS system, calculation/weighing and other systems of the production line;
11. TV stations: image equipment, dimming equipment, computers, etc.;
12. Railway/rail transportation: communication equipment, rail transportation communication equipment, network companies;
13. Military industry: vehicle-provided power supply system;
14. Ships: various electric powered marine power supply systems.

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