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Three Phase Combined Overvoltage Protector

Three-phase combined overvoltage protector can effectively limit atmospheric overvoltage and operating overvoltage, and can effectively protect various electrical equipment in the power system, especially the phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground, and inter-turn insulation of high-voltage rotating electrical machines with weak insulation. Three-phase combined overvoltage protector uses a large number of zinc oxide valve plates, which can effectively reduce the energy caused by overvoltage Thermal collapse accident caused by exceeding the capacity of the protective device.



Modelobject of protectionProtection object rated voltage (kV)Protection device rated voltage (kV)Protection device continuous operating voltage (kV)WiringDC reference voltage < (KV)Residual pressure (peak) kv>Flow volume bucket
operation shock 500Alightning strike 5KASteep wave shock 5KAoperation shock100KAlightning strike 2.5KASteep wave shock 2. 5K A2ms square wave impulse current(A)high current inrush current (KA)
BWKG-E3. 15-2. 5A/1000Electric type3.1543.2phase-phase7   9.411.6131000100
BWIKG -E6. 3-2. 5A/10006.386.3phase-phase14   18.723.326.21000100
BWKG-E10. 5-2. 5A/1000phase-phase11.21518.721
10.513.510.5phase-phase23.2   3138.743.31000100
BWKG- -E10. 5-5A/1000Generator type3.1543.2phase-phase79.411.613   1000100
BWKG- -E10. 5-5A/1000phase-ground5.77.69.510.7
6.38:I 6.3phase-phase1418.723.326.2   1000100
BWKG- -E10. 5-5A/1000phase-ground11.21518.721
10.513.510.5phase-phase23.23138.743.3   1000100
BWKG- -E3-B/1000Power station type354phase-phase7.511.513.515.5   1000100
BWKG- -E6-B/1000phase-ground7.2
6108phase-phase15232731   1000100
BWKG- -E10-B/1000phase-ground14.4
101713.6phase-phase2538.34551.8   1000100
BWKG- -E35-B/1000phase-ground24
355140.8phase-phase84134150170   1000100
BWKG- -E3-C/1000Capacitive354phase-phase7.510.513.5    1000100
BWKG- -E6-C/1000phase-ground7.2
6108phase-phase152127    1000100
BWKG- -E10-C/1000phase-ground14.4
101713.6phase-phase253546    1000100
355140.8phase-phase84121150    1000100

The normal conditions of use:

1. Suitable for indoor use;
2. Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ +40℃;
3. The altitude is 2000m and below (higher than 2000m should use special plateau products);
4. The power frequency is not less than 48Hz, not more than 62Hz;
5. The earthquake intensity is 8 degrees and below;
6. The maximum wind speed is 35m/s and below;
7. Heavy contamination and below;
8. The continuous voltage fluctuation of the installation point should not exceed the continuous operating voltage of the protector

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