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Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device

KC800 motor protection measurement and control device is a full-featured comprehensive temperature measurement device developed by our company on the basis of years of experience in developing and producing motor protection products and fully researching domestic and foreign products, user needs, and low-voltage switchgear. quantity. 

The motor monitoring and control function is performed by a microprocessor, which cooperates with contactors, soft starters, and molded case circuit breakers
It provides a complete set of solutions integrating control, protection, monitoring and bus communication for low-voltage AC motors and low-voltage line circuits.


This device is suitable for AC asynchronous motors with AC 50H2, rated voltage AC380V160V and rated current of 800A
Widely used in electric power, petrochemical, light industry, coal, paper, steel, metallurgy, textile and other industries


Technical parameters Motor rated working voltage: AC30V AC66G
Control power supply: 220VAC, 50Hz 15VA/15W
Rated current: 0.5~800A
Rated operating frequency: 50Hz
Insulation resistance: 100MQ/500V
Protection class: controller body IP20; display module IP45
Power supply voltage: AC/DC85-265V
Frequency: 38Hz- 70Hz
Power consumption: <1.5W during normal operation, <2.0W during protection startup
working conditions
Three-phase perforation adaptation circuit: AC380V, AC660V
Working power supply voltage: AC220V
Altitude below: 2500 meters
Operating temperature: -10°C~+55’c
Storage temperature: -25’C~+70’c
Relative humidity: <90%

★Easy to use, easy to operate, Chinese LCD interface, all electrical parameter information and settings can be read and updated through the function keys on the panel.
★The functions are highly integrated, which integrates various functions such as protection, measurement, monitoring, control, and communication.
★International universal input power module, compatible with 85~265V AC or DC working power supply, which reduces the requirements for working power supply.
★ “tE time protection” complies with the thermal overload protection standard GB3636.3-2000 for increased safety explosion-proof motors.
★The overload “time-current characteristic” conforms to the GB/T14048.4-2003 standard, and more trip levels are added to meet the heavy-load start-up requirements.
★Temperature protection: more directly monitor the heating of the motor, in line with the standard GB/T14048.X-200X.
★With high-performance mixed-signal microprocessor as the core, it has high-speed computing and real-time signal processing capabilities, and can easily complete the protection algorithm: microprocessor
The bus does not go out of the chip, the reliability and anti-interference ability of the system are greatly improved, and the reliability is enhanced: using AC sampling, its real-time and accurate
The accuracy is much higher than other methods.
★Support Modbust protocol and Profibus—DP protocol, can directly connect to the original DCS system, the maximum speed can reach 12M.
★The product has been carefully designed and strictly tested for electromagnetic compatibility in terms of shock resistance and anti-interference to ensure the safe operation of the device and prevent malfunction.
★High-speed acquisition of current and voltage input signal data of the access device, with high measurement accuracy. The measurement contents include: phase current, phase voltage, line voltage, active power, reactive power, power factor, integral electrical degrees, and pulse electrical degrees. The measurement current range is wide, the cost of the one-time transformer can be omitted, and the measurement accuracy of various current and non-current signals can be adjusted by the channel correction coefficient, without the need to adjust the hardware circuit
★Up to 96 event records, which can be viewed after uploading to provide evidence for fault diagnosis and accident analysis
★Have perfect self-inspection ability, including memory, export, communication port, etc., and automatically alarm when the device is abnormal
★Equipped with programmable function of protection logic and control logic
★Using frequency tracking technology to accurately sample the frequency conversion AC circuit
★The transmitter has powerful functions, built-in 4-20Ma analog output, and can choose a variety of power (current, voltage, power, power) range adjustable

Selection Reference

Comprehensive Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device

Primary current specification(A)26.32563100200300
Applicable current range(A)0.5-21.5-6.3



Primary current specification(A)200/5300/5400/5500/5600/5800/5
Applicable current range(A)80-200150-300200-400250-500300-600400-800

Economical Comprehensive Motor Protection Measurement and Control Device

Specification  Current RangeMotor Power


Functional ConfigurationSeries
KC800-2 Comprehensive seriesKC800-1 Economic series
Protection FunctionOvercurrent protection during startup 
Long boot time protection
Stall protection
Phase current unbalance (phase loss, phase failure) protection
light load protection 
Short circuit protection
Overcurrent Protection
Thermal overload protection 
tE time protection 
Undervoltage protection
Leakage (ground fault)/zero sequence protection
auto restart
Overvoltage protection
low frequency protection 
Fuse monitoring 
Trip circuit monitoring 
Communication functionMODBUS-RTU protocol
Switch input2DI, function programmable (built-in power supply) 
Switch output2DO, function programmable 
Analog outputAll the way 4~20mA signal output
Measurement functionThree-phase current
Three-phase voltage 
Current unbalance rate 
Active power P 
Reactive power Q 
Power factor COSΦ 
leakage current 
electrical energy 
Fixed value settingVarious protection setting value query and setting
accident detailsQuery fault/alarm information in real time 
Start parameter settingQuery and tuning of parameters such as control authority and startup 
System parameter settingAddress, dial rate, motor rating and other parameters

Inquiry and setting

Note: □represents standard, △represents optional

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