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Micro Harmonic Elimination Device

Micro Harmonic Elimination Device​

KCXQ type microcomputer harmonic elimination device utilizes the fast and accurate data processing capability of 80C196 single-chip microcomputer to perform Fourier analysis and accurate frequency selection. Through the acquisition of PT open triangle voltage, various frequency components during grid resonance can be quickly analyzed, and can accurately identify: single-phase grounding and grid resonance.

If it is resonance, the command issued by the computer makes the harmonic elimination circuit input, consumes the energy supplied by the power supply for resonance, suppresses the ferromagnetic resonance overvoltage, realizes fast resonance, and perfectly solves the harmonic amplitude of each harmonic of the power grid in the power system. It can be widely used in power systems of power plants, substations and large-scale factories and mines such as steel and petrochemical industries.


★Automatic identification and elimination of ferromagnetic resonance of different frequencies in the system, and alarm output at the same time:
Real-time display of the system clock and the running status of the monitored PT, and real-time cyclic monitoring of the PT open triangle voltage;
★Using LCD display, English menu, intuitive and rich information:
★No need for tuning and debugging, it will automatically enter the running state after starting up, and the equipment maintenance is low:
★The ARM chip has strong anti-interference ability and high data acquisition accuracy;
★It can be divided into ferromagnetic resonance, overvoltage, single-phase grounding; accurate diagnosis, rapid harmonic elimination, and correct action rate of 100%:
★It can store multiple fault information, without losing data after power failure, for recall and display;
★Configurable communication interface (RS485 or RS232); with self-checking fault and automatic recovery function.

Main Parameters

Working power: AC 220V ±15%, or DC220V ±15%, power consumption of the whole machine: <20W
Number of busbar segments: 1~4 segments, ambient temperature: -10℃-50℃
Air relative temperature: ≤95%, communication interface: RS232/RS485
Can eliminate resonance 17Hz (1/3 frequency division), 25Hz (1/2 frequency division), 50Hz (power frequency) 150Hz (3 frequency multiplication)

Software Composition o fMicro Harmonic Elimination Device​

The software of this device is compiled in 80C16 assembly language.
Digital measurement, effective word speed wave, elimination of interference, etc.
It is mainly composed of monitoring program, floating-point grass moving library, diagnostic software, harmonic elimination,
Note and other parts of the composition. The voltage detection is completed by the real-time monitoring program,
Coal mining, diagnostics, dive elimination, clock, keyboard commands and displays, etc.
limit, display
Start the harmonic elimination circuit and eliminate the resonance

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