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DC Surge Protection Device for PV System

     The products are used in various DC power supply systems, such as background broadcasting systems, communication systems, security monitoring systems, fire control systems, photovoltaic power generation systems, industrial control systems and other DC power supply equipment to protect the equipment power supply system from lightning overvoltage and over-operation. damage from voltage


 High-quality lightning protection chip, high reliability
 Large flow capacity and low residual pressure
 Adopt temperature-controlled circuit breaker technology to avoid fire, and have working fault indication
 With remote alarm contact (at the same time with normally open and normally closed contacts), it is convenient for remote monitoring
 Fast response time, action in nanosecond time
 35mm guide rail design, easy to install



ModelBKPD-150/DC880 BKPD-40/DC220 BKPD-20/DC220BKPD-40/DC110BKPD-20/DC110BKPD-20/DC75BKPD-20/DC60BKPD-20/DC48BKPD-10/DC24BKPD-10/DC12
System rated voltage(Un)880V DC 220VDC220VDC110V DC110V DC75V DC60VDC48V DC24V DC12VDC
Maximum continuous working voltage (Uc maximum current capacity)1000V DC320V DC320V DC175V DC175V DC100VDC90VDC75V DC36V DC18V DC
Maximum flow capacity (8/20us)150KA40KA20KA40KA20KA20KA20KA20KA10KA10KA
Nominal flow capacity (8/20us)60KA20KA10KA20KA10KA10KA10KA10KA5KA10KA
Voltage protection level (u)≤3.0kV1.4kV<1.2kV<0.7kV<0.4kV<0.3kV<0.3kV≤0.3kV<0.17kV0.1kV
Access methodParallelparallel or seriesTandem
Access wire cross-sectional area(m㎡)≥16m㎡≥6m㎡≥6m㎡
Ground conductor cross-sectional area(m㎡)≥25m㎡≥10m㎡≥10m㎡
Dimensions (mm) Single Module36 *90*6518*90*6518 *90*63
Response time nanosecond
Protection class IP20
Installation method 35mm rail
Operating temperature ﹣40℃~80℃
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