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power & energy monitoring meter

The power meter is designed for the power monitoring needs of power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, public facilities, and smart buildings. It can measure all common power parameters, such as three-phase current, voltage, reactive power, electrical degrees, etc.


 Direct access to signals from current and voltage transformers
 PT/CT change can be set arbitrarily
 The instrument display can be scrolled and set
 I/O switch quantity, relay alarm output, 4~20Ma, 0~5V, 0~20Ma analog quantity and other functional modular design
 Multiple meters can be set with different addresses
 It can communicate with SCADA, PLC system, and can communicate with various software in the industry (Intouch, Fix, Citec, configuration network, etc.)
 LED or LCD display, high visibility
 Easy installation and simple wiring
 The instrument adopts a special power-loss protection circuit. In the event of a power failure, the data will not be lost. After the power is restored, the instrument will continue to run.
 Four-quadrant energy metering, time-of-use billing, maximum record 12 months of energy

power & energy monitoring meter​ of Contents


Kc900 power & energy monitoring meter is designed with microprocessor technology and AC sampling technology. Each meter can measure various parameters. As the front end of remote monitoring system (SCADA), it can be used in the network or alone. The network power & energy monitoring meter adopts the asynchronous half-duplex RS485 communication interface and the MODBUS-RTU communication protocol to meet your automated communication system. A single and reliable communication network can be constructed by using low-cost shielded twisted pair wiring. . No matter in weak illumination, or in the case of king power system, the high-brightness LED display will provide you with clear data display.
KC900 power & energy monitoring meter can realize high-precision four-quadrant energy measurement. The measured energy includes active energy absorption, active energy release, inductive reactive energy, and capacitive reactive energy.


Energy management system
Substation Automation
Distribution network automation
Community power monitoring
Automated industry
Intelligent Building
Intelligent switchboard, switchgear

Technical Parameters

signal inputWiringThree-phase four-wire Y34/three-phase three-wire V33
Duration: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 timesDuration: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 times
Current5A/ 1A5A/ 1A
Duration: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 timesDuration: 1.2 times Instantaneous: 2 times
Power SupplyAC220V (default) or AC/ DC80-270V
Electrical Energy PulsePassive optocoupler collector output Fixed pulse width 80mS± 20%
CommunicationRS485 communication interface, physical layer isolation
Analog OutputMODBUS-RTU protocol in line with international standards Communication speed 1200-9600 Verification method N81. E81. O81
Relay Output0/4~20mA or 0~5/10V transmission output Programmable setting of transmission items and corresponding values
Telemetry SwitchProgrammable remote control/alarm relay output
Measurement ClassCapacity 5A/250VAC 5A/30VDC
Display MethodProgrammable alarm power, switch input, analog input or remote control

Working temperature: -10~55℃

Storage temperature:-20~75℃

SafetyInsulation phase number, power supply, output terminal-to-shell resistance>5MQ withstand voltage, signal input, power supply, output>AC2KV

Size:2S□: 120*120*106mm 9S□:96*96*95mm

Weight:2S□:0.6KG              9S□:0.5KG

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