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Surge Protection Device

    Surge Protection Device mainly used for low-voltage power supply systems of power generation and power supply enterprises and power-consuming units, installed in low-voltage incoming switchgear power switchgear, power distribution switchgear,rectifier switchgear, distribution boxes, to protect electrical equipment. 

Avoid the damage caused by the intrusion of the operating overvoltage caused by the lightning strike, which can limit the atmospheric overvoltage, the breaking overvoltage caused by various switches, and various operating overvoltages, and can reliably limit the phase-to-phase and relative overvoltages. effect.


 Select high-quality varistor, reliable quality and stable performance
 Modular design, which can be plugged and unplugged under power, convenient for testing or replacement
 Optional remote alarm function for remote monitoring
 Adopt temperature control circuit breaker technology, double automatic protection circuit for overcurrent and overvoltage
 There is work, fault display, deterioration status at a glance
 Large flow capacity and low residual pressure
 35mm guide rail design, easy to install

Model naming convention


Lightning protection area divisionPower supply system grounding systemPower CategorySPD categorySPD modelLightning
impulse current
discharge current
discharge current
protection level
protected modeLN wire (copper wire) z16mm2PE wire diameter (copper wire) 225mm2
LZPO-LPZ1TN-S、TTThree phaseLevel 1 testBKPD-A50/450KA————2.0kV4P≥16mm2225mm2
TN-C、TThree phaseLevel 1 testBKPD-A50/350KA————2.0kV3P≥16mm2225mm2
TN-SThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B150/4-420——60KA150KA2.5kV4P≥16mm2225mm2
TTThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B150/3+1-420——60KA150KA2.5kV3P+N≥16mm2225mm2
ITThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B150/3-420——60KA150KA2.5kV3P≥16mm2225mm2
ITThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B150/3-690——G0KA150KA2.5kV3P≥16mm2216mm2
LZP1-LPZ2TN-SThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B80/4-400——40KA80KA2.2kV4P≥16mm2216mm2
TTThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B80/3+1-400——40KA80KA2.2kV3P+N≥16mm2 
ITThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B80/3-400——40KA80KA2.2kV3P≥16mm2216mm2
IT Three phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-B80/3-690——40KA80KA2.2kV3P≥16mm2216mm2
LZP2-LPZ3TN-SThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-C40/4-385——20KA40KA1. .6kV4P≥16mm2210mm2
TTThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-C40/3+1-385——20KA40KA1.6kV3P+N≥16mm221 0mm2
TN-SSingle phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-C40/2-385——20KA40KA1.6kV2P≥16mm221 0mm2
TTSingle phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-C40/1+1-385——20KA40KA1. .6kV1P+N≥16mm2210mm2
LZP3-LPZ4TN-SThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-D25/4-320——10KA25KA1.3kV4P≥16mm2210mm2
TThree phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-D25/3+1-320——10KA25KA1.3kV3P+N≥16mm2210mm2
TN-SSingle phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-D25/2-320——10KA25KA1.3kV2P≥16mm2210mm2
TTSingle phaseLevel 2 testBKPD-D25/1+1-320——10KA25KA1.3kV1P+N≥16mm2210mm2
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