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The operating overvoltage generated during the operation of the circuit breaker, the arc overvoltage generated when a single phase is grounded, and the atmospheric overvoltage generated during lightning strikes, etc. 

At present, there is no complete protection scheme for these overvoltages, and accidents such as cable blasting, motor insulation breakdown, lightning arrester explosion and voltage transformer burning often occur in the power supply system. The reasons for such accidents are not only related to the performance of the overvoltage protection products installed in the system, but also the complexity of the system itself has an important influence on the overvoltage. For such a complex system, it is difficult to use one or several overvoltage protection products to comprehensively suppress various types of system overvoltage, such as arresters, combined overvoltage protectors, arc suppression coils and arc suppression devices of various principles and P T Harmonic eliminators, etc., although various overvoltage protection products are installed in these systems, because the protection characteristics of the products cannot be well matched, the system overvoltage cannot be completely and effectively suppressed. In view of the current situation that overvoltage prevention and control in medium and low voltage systems is difficult, Kaich has developed and produced a comprehensive overvoltage protection switchgear for power grids. The switchgear can make up for the shortage of overvoltage protection components and devices in the system, monitor and effectively suppress various overvoltages, and improve the overvoltage protection level of the system


    The power grid integrated overvoltage protection cabinet is suitable for the 3 ~ 35K V power system of power generation, substation and power consumption enterprises, and can replace PT cabinets, special arrester cabinets, etc.

The integrated overvoltage protection cabinet of the power grid adopts the special high-energy overvoltage peak absorber (B W K G) developed by the company. Steep, greatly reduce the residual voltage value, and can absorb a large amount of energy generated by the system overvoltage.
The power grid integrated overvoltage protection cabinet adopts the company’s special “multi-core” technology, which can be used in conjunction with the overvoltage protector and arc suppression device in the system, which further optimizes and improves the protection characteristics of various overvoltage protection devices in the system. .
The device is equipped with a single-phase momentary switch, which fundamentally solves the harm caused by the ferromagnetic resonance of the system. When the system has three-phase potential imbalance and intermittent arc grounding, this device can solve the problem that the system-to-ground capacitive current will pass through the PT and cause the PT to burn or the fuse to blow.
When the device is in normal operation, real-time online monitoring of A, B, C three-phase voltage, PT open triangle voltage, and zero-sequence current of each output loop occurs. When grounding or metal grounding, the device can quickly and accurately judge the fault situation, display the fault type, output the corresponding switch value contact signal, and the related device will act and alarm.
The device is equipped with RS485 communication interface and standard MODBUS communication protocol, which can realize long-distance data transmission with the user’s microcomputer monitoring system.


1. Eliminate the dead zone of system overvoltage protection;
2. Absorb system overvoltage energy is large;
3. Using multi-core technology, each monitoring unit works independently, with clear division of labor, faster and more accurate judgment;
4. Instead of PT cabinet, it has protection functions such as suppressing overvoltage, low voltage, voltage loss, eliminating ferromagnetic resonance, PT disconnection, and grounding fault line selection alarm, with high cost performance;
5. When the single-phase grounding fault of the system is eliminated, it can effectively limit the impact charging current through the PT, and protect the PT and the fuse from being burned;
6. The device has a wide range of use and is easy to put into operation;
7. This device provides a comprehensive overvoltage protection scheme according to the user’s system requirements. Therefore, in product design, users need to provide detailed system structure and parameters.

Use environment

1. Temperature: indoor type -15°C~+60°C, special can achieve -30°C~+60°C; outdoor type – 40°C+60°C.
2. Altitude: <2000m, if you have special requirements, please specify when ordering;
3. Use environment: There should be no explosive mixtures such as dust, dust, gas, flue gas, etc.

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