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Dehumidifier Device for Switchgear

The intelligent dehumidification device for switchgear adopts the semiconductor refrigeration dehumidification method, and actively sucks the humid air in the closed space into the dehumidification air duct under the action of the fan. To achieve a good dehumidification effect.

Paraments of Dehumidifier Device for Switchgear​

Working power supply: AC/DC 85-260V
Dehumidification efficiency: 450ml/day (60W 35℃ RH=80% working condition)
Resolution: Humidity 1%RH
Control mode: Bit control
Product power: 30W when starting dehumidification
Working environment: non-corrosive occasions with temperature 0-50℃, humidity ≤85%RH
Basic error: Humidity: ±3%RH (10%RH-90%RH), ±5%RH (0%RH-99%RH)


Dew point dehumidification, capturing water directly and discharging it outside the switchgear
Dehumidification efficiency 450mL/day
Heating function optional
With RS485 communication function

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