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Lightning Arrester Overhead Line Overvoltage Cable Protector

Medium Voltage Lightning Arrester Overhead Line Overvoltage Cable Protector

BWKL Medium Voltage Arresteris used to protect the shielding insulation of single-core high-voltage cables from various overvoltages such as operating overvoltage and power demand overvoltage, and can automatically and accurately record the protector’s protection under various overvoltages. number of discharges.


  • suitable for 6~35KV medium voltage power 
  • suitable for Overhead Line Cable

The protector consists of two parts: zinc oxide valve plate group and discharge counter. The silicone rubber type zinc oxide valve plate group is directly surrounded by high-strength epoxy glass cloth cylinder, valve plate group, upper and lower electrodes and wiring screws to form a whole. The valve column is made of perceptual EPDM or silicone rubber as the shell material, and it is molded at one time. Seal moisture and explosion problems.

With sufficient mechanical strength, the valve column is directly hot-pressed with the shell material, and there is no gap around the valve column, which also solves the problem of protecting the single-core high-voltage cable to generate an alternating magnetic field through alternating current, and induce induction on the cable metal sheath. Electric potential, the magnitude of which is related to the length of the cable. Avoid circulating current through the metal sheath of the cable. The metal sheath of the single-core cable can only be grounded at one end, and the other end is grounded through the protector. During normal operation, the voltage of the ungrounded end to ground is only tens to hundreds of volts; when the system is symmetrical Or asymmetric short-circuit, the short-circuit current can reach tens of kiloamperes, and the induced overvoltage on the metal sheath can be as high as ten thousand volts; under the action of lightning shock waves, the induced overvoltage can be as high as hundreds or even thousands of volts, which endangers the protective layer. Insulation, therefore, it is necessary to install BWKL medium voltage cable protector on the ungrounded end.


 Rated Voltage (KV)10KA lightning impulse current residual voltage<(KV)DC I mA reference voltage>(KV)Flow capacityLeakage Current<(uA)
6/20usshock peak(KA)2msSquare Wave Peak(A)


The outline drawing of the protector is shown in the figure. The protector is connected in series between the high-voltage cable sheath and the ground. Use two M10 mounting bolts to fix the protector and use it as the ground terminal. Then connect the high voltage outgoing terminal with M12 nut to the metal sheath of the cable, that is, the protector can be put into use

Overvoltage Action Counter

Overvoltage action counters are divided into active overvoltage action counters and passive overvoltage action counters. The overvoltage action counter is a device that performs real-time and cumulative counting on the working status of overvoltage products. Through this product, it can monitor in detail and predict the status of the objects protected by BWKG products before the abnormal situation is released, so as to analyze the cause of abnormal action and prevent accidents.

Main functional indicators of counters

    Count overvoltage actions between phases separately
    Passive counter, self-provided power supply can be used for more than three years
    The total number of counts>100000 times

Installation of counters

1. Body installation: The body is installed externally without external processing.
2 Cabinet door installation: The installation hole needs to be opened on the cabinet door in the split installation method. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the length of the signal line from the protector to the counter display part. The opening position and size of the cabinet door

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