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In the world of power distribution, maintaining the integrity of electrical equipment is paramount for ensuring a reliable and safe power grid. One critical aspect of this maintenance is monitoring the insulation of power grid operation equipment. Insulation breakdown can lead to equipment failure, power outages, and even pose risks to human safety. To address this challenge, innovative solutions have emerged, such as insulation online monitoring devices. These devices provide real-time insights into the condition of insulation systems, enabling proactive maintenance and reducing the occurrence of costly breakdowns. 

Insulation is a crucial component in power grid operation equipment as it prevents the leakage of electrical current and protects against short circuits. Over time, factors such as environmental conditions, electrical stress, and aging can degrade the insulation, compromising its effectiveness. If left unchecked, degraded insulation can lead to equipment malfunction, electrical faults, and even catastrophic failures.

Traditional approaches to insulation monitoring involve periodic manual inspections or offline testing. These methods are time-consuming, expensive, and often fail to detect insulation degradation until it reaches an advanced stage. Insulation online monitoring devices offer a transformative solution by continuously monitoring the insulation condition in real-time, allowing for early detection of potential issues and timely maintenance.

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Insulation Online Monitoring Devices

The insulation online monitoring device is a collection device that can provide information on the transient process of power equipment operation. The use of this device provides an effective solution for diagnosing early defects and hidden accidents in the power grid, controlling sudden insulation accidents, and the insulation performance of electrical equipment. information, and provide a favorable guarantee for the safe and reliable operation of power equipment.

The KCIM series power grid operation equipment insulation online detection device produced by our company replaces the traditional detection method based on preventive experiments in the past. Traditional high and low-voltage electrical preventive maintenance is to conduct power-off maintenance on electrical equipment according to the expiration of the test period specified in the preventive test, while online condition maintenance is based on the actual working conditions of the equipment, according to its insulation characteristic parameters under the operating voltage Changes, through analysis and calculation to determine whether electrical equipment needs maintenance and the items and contents that need maintenance

Features and advantages

  1. Real-time: monitoring technology for high and low-voltage equipment is not limited by the operating conditions and time of the equipment. It can monitor the insulation status of the equipment in real time. Once a defect occurs, it can be promptly detected, tracked, and addressed. On the other hand, periodic preventive tests can only detect the insulation status of the equipment at a certain point in time, lacking real-time capabilities. It is unable to determine when insulation defects will occur or evaluate the development status of insulation defects.
  2.  Accuracy: Since KCIM online monitoring devices monitor the insulation parameters of equipment under operating conditions, their detection results are more accurate and comprehensive, reflecting the actual working conditions. In contrast, periodic preventive tests are usually conducted at voltages lower than the operating voltage of the equipment, so they cannot accurately detect certain issues.
  3.  Strong targeting: KCIM online monitoring devices can determine the repair projects, content, and timing based on the development and changes of insulation defects.
  4. Comprehensive: KCIM online monitoring devices can measure the insulation status of capacitive equipment under energized conditions, and for non-capacitive equipment, they can measure leakage current. KCIM online monitoring devices can accurately measure the capacitance, dielectric loss tangent, total current flowing through the equipment, and other parameters of the tested equipment.
  5.  Timeliness: With the use of KCIM online monitoring devices, potential hazards can be promptly discovered, and fault locations can be quickly identified, reducing the scope and time required for fault handling. This improves the efficiency of maintenance personnel, reduces waste of resources (personnel, finance, materials) caused by searching for fault locations, and increases the economic efficiency of enterprises.
  6.  Advancement: Currently, the failure rate of power distribution systems, especially for overhead lines, is mostly caused by single-phase grounding faults. These faults frequently lead to interphase short-circuit accidents. If single-phase grounding faults are not addressed, it will significantly reduce the reliability and safety of the power supply, posing great risks to the safe production of enterprises. In recent years, with the rapid development of power distribution automation technology, rapid and accurate determination of grounding fault lines has become an urgent problem in the field. KCIM online monitoring devices can solve such on-site issues.

KCIM-L Cable Insulation Online Monitoring Device

  • Monitoring object: power cable
  • Monitoring principle

This monitoring system is based on the monitoring of insulation indicators such as leakage current, dielectric loss tangent, and equivalent capacitance, and integrates the advantages of various monitoring technologies to effectively eliminate the measurement errors caused by harmonics and sensor zero drift. Improved measurement accuracy and stability. On the hardware, a high-precision micro-current sensor is used to detect the leakage current of the power cable, the measured voltage signal is extracted, and the signal is processed by shaping, filtering, and amplification technology; on the software, two technologies of absolute value measurement and relative value comparison are used to effectively solve the on-site interference Accurate measurement of dielectric loss and resistive current in the environment, with high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference performance.

This device can monitor the insulation condition of the power cable in the system in real-time, and can effectively predict the alarm, prevent the occurrence of faulty disasters, reduce losses, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce equipment downtime.

  • The main function:
    1. Real-time monitoring of leakage current of power cables
    2. Real-time monitoring of power cable three-phase unbalance
    3. Real-time monitoring of dielectric loss and over-value alarm
    4. Real-time monitoring of cable insulation resistance and over-value alarm
    5. Real-time monitoring of ground fault

KCIM-I insulator insulation on-line monitoring device

  • Monitoring object: high voltage insulator
  • Monitoring principle:This system combines advanced computer technology, leakage current acquisition technology, EMC technology, information processing technology, and communication technology, through all-weather collection of insulator leakage current and insulator surface partial discharge pulse under the operating state, as well as the temperature and humidity of the environment wait. The system software adopts trend analysis technology, through the analysis of the above parameters and their historical data, the current equipment operation status and insulation development trend can be calculated. Realize low-cost, high-efficiency prevention and reduction of line accidents, and improve line operation and management levels.
  • The main function
  1. Real-time monitoring of the leakage current of the insulator and the partial discharge pulse on the surface of the insulator during online operation, and an alarm for exceeding the value.
  2.  Real-time monitoring of ambient temperature and humidity changes, and correction of monitoring results based on temperature and humidity changes
  3. Combining the electric quantity and non-electrical quantity of the insulator, intelligently warn in advance of the deterioration trend of the insulator

KCIM-A surge arrester insulation on-line monitoring device

  • Monitoring object: Lightning arrester
  • Monitoring principle: The MOA insulation online monitoring device of a high-voltage zinc oxide arrester uses the fundamental wave method to measure the leakage current and resistive current of the zinc oxide arrester to realize the dynamic monitoring of the working condition of the arrester. The biggest feature of this method is that it can effectively avoid the harmonic interference of the power grid and reflect the actual situation more truly.
  • Main functions: Real-time monitoring of leakage current, resistive current, fundamental current, active power loss and over-value alarm of the zinc oxide arrester

KCIM-S vacuum switch insulation online monitoring device

  • Monitoring object: vacuum circuit breaker, vacuum contactor
  • Main functions: KCIM online monitoring device monitors the vacuum degree of the vacuum switch in real time
    Real-time self-inspection of KCIM online monitoring device: self-inspection of signal generation loop, signal feedback loop, AD sampling, output, and other important loops.


Insulation online monitoring devices are revolutionizing the way power grid operation equipment is maintained. By providing real-time insights into insulation conditions, these devices enable proactive maintenance, reduce downtime, and enhance the safety and reliability of the power grid. As technology continues to advance, we can expect further improvements in these monitoring devices, including enhanced accuracy, remote monitoring capabilities, and integration with advanced analytics systems. With the integration of insulation online monitoring devices into power grid operations, the future of electrical equipment maintenance looks promising, ensuring a more resilient and efficient power distribution network for all.

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