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Advancements in Power Grid Protection: The Intelligent Overvoltage Suppression Switchgear

In the realm of power grid management, safeguarding against overvoltage is paramount to ensuring the stability and reliability of the entire system. To address this critical need, our company has developed an innovative solution – the Intelligent Overvoltage Suppression Switchgear. This state-of-the-art device is equipped with cutting-edge features and technologies, making it a key player in enhancing the resilience of power grids.

At the heart of the integrated overvoltage protection cabinet is the high-energy overvoltage peak absorber, denoted as B W K G, which stands as a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological excellence. This absorber exhibits a remarkable capability to steeply reduce residual voltage values, providing robust protection against the deleterious effects of system-induced overvoltages. Its ability to absorb substantial amounts of energy generated during overvoltage events further solidifies its role as a safeguard for the power grid.

The core technology employed in the device is the company’s proprietary “multi-core” technology. This innovation seamlessly integrates with overvoltage protectors and arc suppression devices within the system, effectively optimizing and enhancing the protective characteristics of these devices. The synergy created by this integration fortifies the system’s defenses against a spectrum of overvoltage scenarios.

Addressing a common challenge in power systems, the device incorporates a single-phase momentary switch that fundamentally eliminates the harmful effects of ferromagnetic resonance. This is particularly crucial in scenarios where three-phase potential imbalances and intermittent arc grounding occur. By preventing system-to-ground capacitive currents from passing through potential transformers (PT) and causing damage such as PT burnout or fuse blowouts, the device ensures the longevity and reliability of the entire system.

During normal operation, the device conducts real-time online monitoring of A, B, C three-phase voltages, PT open triangle voltages, and zero-sequence currents in each output loop. This capability enables swift and accurate fault detection in the event of grounding or metal grounding. The device not only identifies fault situations but also displays the fault type, outputs corresponding switch value contact signals, and triggers related devices to actuate alarms.

For seamless integration into modern power grid monitoring systems, the device is equipped with an RS485 communication interface and adheres to the standard MODBUS communication protocol. This ensures efficient and reliable long-distance data transmission, allowing the device to seamlessly communicate with the user’s microcomputer monitoring system.

In conclusion, the Intelligent Overvoltage Suppression Switchgear represents a significant leap forward in power grid protection. With its advanced features and capabilities, it stands as a testament to our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the resilience and reliability of power distribution networks.

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