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KC500D CT Secondary Overvoltage Protector: The Stable Guardian of the Power System

In the power system, transformers are one of the core devices, and their normal operation is crucial for ensuring the stability of the entire system. However, transformers may encounter various problems during operation, and one of these is overvoltage in the secondary circuit. To address this issue, Kaich has developed the KC500D CT secondary overvoltage protector, providing powerful protection for the safe operation of the power system.

KC500D CT secondary overvoltage protector

Overview of the Product

The KC500D CT secondary overvoltage protector is a circuit protector specifically designed to limit overvoltage generated in the transformer secondary circuit when an open circuit occurs. It effectively restricts the production of overvoltage, thereby protecting the transformer and other related equipment from damage. Additionally, the protector features action contact output, automatic light-emitting display, automatic blocking differential protection, and manual or automatic reset functions, satisfying various complex protection needs under various scenarios.

Product Features

Limiting Overvoltage Generation: When an open circuit occurs in the transformer secondary circuit, overvoltage is generated, posing a threat to the transformer and other equipment. The KC500D protector effectively restricts the production of overvoltage through advanced circuit design, thereby protecting the normal operation of the equipment.

Action Contact Output: The protector features an action contact output function that triggers contact output and sends a signal to the control system as soon as overvoltage is detected. This achieves rapid response and accurate control.

Automatic Light-Emitting Display: The KC500D protector has an automatic light-emitting display function that provides real-time display of the protector’s status and operation conditions. This allows field personnel to quickly understand equipment operation and promptly identify and resolve issues.

Automatic Blocking Differential Protection: The protector also features automatic blocking differential protection that automatically detects and resolves differential current issues in the transformer secondary circuit, further enhancing transformer operational stability and safety.

Manual/Automatic Reset Function: The KC500D protector has manual or automatic reset functions, allowing users to choose the appropriate reset mode based on actual conditions. This facilitates easy restoration of the protector’s normal working state after equipment failure debugging.

Multiple Combinations of Protectors with Different Functions: The protector also supports multiple combinations of different function modules for more flexible and diversified protection solutions. This provides users with greater choice to meet specific protection needs in different scenarios.

Application Scenarios

The KC500D CT secondary overvoltage protector is suitable for various scenarios that require protection of the transformer secondary circuit. Whether it’s industrial production or urban power supply systems, this protector provides efficient and stable protection. In practical applications, users can choose appropriate model types and configurations of protectors according to specific protection needs. Additionally, the protector has high reliability and easy maintenance, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs and extend equipment lifespan. Therefore, the KC500D CT secondary overvoltage protector is an indispensable protective device in power systems.

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